SnipBack AI has over 100 features that make it adaptable to a wide variety of use-cases, such as live-streaming with multi-view, SnipBack Sideline which streams locally before streaming to the cloud, white-boarding over your video, and live snipping & tagging which makes finding critical moments easier than ever. For sports applications in particular, we have interactive Stats and AI ball tracking for basketball and football (end-zone). So whether you’re filming a sporting event, theater, graduation, or a concert, SnipBack AI has you covered.

Team Plans - Key Features
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Easy Link Share – Film, highlight reels,
    individual snips
  • Advanced Film Exchange
    Email2Upload Film Receive
    Automated and Screened Pool Share
  • Multi-View Capabilities
  • Live Coding/Snipping with
  • Instant Replay
  • Enhanced Control & Security of Your
  • Powerful Filter - Filter by Snip, Code,
    Tag, Coach, or Player
  • Live Whiteboarding & Share
  • Team/Roster Management
  • Team Pages
  • Highlight Reel Generator
  • Snip Collections
  • Side by Side Multi-View
  • NGauge Virtual Team Rooms
  • Fundraising via NGauge Events
  • Advanced Tag Management with
  • Unlimited Tag Lists
  • Live Streaming with Scoreboard Overlay
    & Monetization with 87/13
  • Advanced Stream Technology
    DVR like capabilities – pause, rewind,
  • Snip/Code & Tag on Stream
  • Parent/public Live Snipping
  • Live Streaming Monetization
  • MY SNIPS™ Collection
    (for coach, admin, and players)
  • Collection – Shared
  • Amongst Staff for Easy Collaboration
  • Advanced Highlights with Call-out,
    Crop/Zoom, Custom Intro/Extro, Custom
  • SnipBack Sideline with Multi-View
    Multi-angle instant review ($)
  • Off-line No Internet Mode
  • Use for games or practices
  • AI Tracking and Auto-View Switching ($)
  • Playbook (Coming 2024) ($)
  • Monetize Custom Add Placement ($)
  • Stats & Analytic ($)

Club Pricing

Per Team
10 pack
25 pack
(Save $50)
50 pack
(Save $150)

Use your credits across all your teams. Never expires.

Artificial Intelligence
and Computer Vision

Basketball Tracking (Center or Corner) Football
End Zone Tracking Football Auto ODK

/ Per Team

Unlock Advertising Placements for LiveStreams, OnDemand, Highlight Reels, and Team Pages.

per team
Max 0 Sponsors
Stream and Download Rev Share: 87/13 split (87% team, 13% snipback)
Stats at $50/Game

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